Sunday, October 11, 2020

Chalk the Block 2020

 Chalk the Block 2020

October 10, 2020 

The only real chalk event this year! The Pandemic had shut down every other event, but Chalk the Block (the premiere chalk event of the area) was still on! I was so excited, but yet nervous, since I hadn't done any events all year. 
I requested and was given an upright square this year. I was told to bring a ladder and was so glad that I did, but I was also glad that I had a small step stool to sit on for the lower areas, instead of kneeling on the ground. 
I arrived about 10 am and got started. My plan was to do something interactive either angel or butterfly wings. The day before the event I spent some time doing several different sketches of both angel wings and butterfly wings. I had pretty much decided to do angel wings. When I arrived I discovered that the artist the other side of the block was doing wings too. So I had to quickly rethink my idea and decided to use a design that I did with butterfly wings and hearts.
As I began to work, I quickly discovered that the surface of the upright square was was much different than the pavement that I was used to. In some ways better and in some ways worse. It was just like working on a chalkboard. My smaller chalks seemed to work best and I quickly learned that I had to give up on the bigger chalks and just use the smaller chalks. I also discovered that I didn't need some many layers with this surface, which saved some time. 
I started about 10 am and finished about 3pm with a break for lunch. My husband and son were biking during the event and joined my at the end.
 Final product came out pretty good!
So excited to be here!

 My design after I discovered that my neighbor was doing wings too!
I began about 10 am

My sketch

All finished!

My husband Doug and son Aaron joined me after their biking when I was finished.

Aaron made the suggestion that I should place foot prints where someone was to stand. Great suggestion!

Finished product!

Hoping we will be able to do more events next year!

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