Monday, June 26, 2017

Schiller Park 2017

Schiller Park 6/26/2017

Haus Und Garten Tour 2017

This Chalk Art event was sponsored by the German Village Society as part of their 2017 Garden Tour. It was a great day, I had a great shady spot under a tree that stayed shady all day! Although it made it difficult to photograph my artwork, it was a great place to work!

 I actually began the night before when I came over to paint my space before I began. This is the first time I've tried to paint my space. It did make a nice even surface to work on, but it did have a much different feel to it. Still trying to decide if I will do it again or not.

I really struggled with this one. Doing a landscape with difficult. Too many greens! It seemed like it looked like a green blog for the longest time!

 I got so involved with my art that I didn't take too many process pictures this time.

 Almost finished! before removing the tape.
 It finally came together!
 Here I am tired, but satisfied with my work!
 All finished and cleaned up. Looks pretty good after all!
A thank you to the Greater Columbus Arts Council for the funds for my chalk!

Finished Product!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Chalk About It Dayton

Chalk About it Dayton Ohio

June 10, 2017

First chalk art event of the year. Chalk About It sponsored by Life Essentials at The Green in Dayton, Ohio. 
It was a hot day yesterday. Got started about 10 and finished about 3:30. Wasn't too hot in the morning but got worse as the day went on. By 3:30 I thought I was roasting! I had two Dayton friends come to visit me during the day. In the evening we had a cookout with family and then went back over to see my art again. When we arrived back at the sight I was excited to find people standing around my art and taking pictures!
 Just beginning
 All taped out and ready to go!

 My husband Doug went off for a bike ride while I was working.
 Step 2
 Step 3
 Step 4 (This about where I took a break for lunch)
 Step 5
 Step 6
 Almost finished!
 All finished!

Here you can see my sketch and the finished product!

My daughter Lydia came up from Cincinnati to see my art!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Calk Art At Village Academy

Chalk Art Residency at Village Academy

I was excited to do Chalk Art with the kids in the Diversified Arts class at Village May 15-19, 2017. They did a fantastic job. We had a little rain, but I covered their artwork and they had time to finish. They all came out great!



 This group began with a sample chalk art
 They all worked so hard!

 We dodged the rain!

 The Final Artworks!





Chalk Art Residency: Coshocton

Chalk Art Residency: Cochocton

April 24 & 25 and May 3&4, 2017

I was thrilled to do a chalk art residency in Cochocton in April and May this year. I worked with students at River View Junior High, Ridgewood Middle School and Coshocton High School and it was coordinated by the Pomerene Center for Arts in Coschocton. 
We worked on paper on the floor and the murals that we created were to be hung in the shop windows in Coschocton. The kids were so excited and did a great job. I tried to show a variety of picture from all the schools here.

 River View Junior High

 Day 1 after the background was finished

 Day 2 after the Bicycles were added

Ridegwood Middle School

 Coshocton High School

 Article in the Local News!

 Chalk Murals in the windows of Coshocton

It was an exciting, although tiring couple of weeks! I think the result was fantastic!