Friday, October 19, 2018

Chalk the Block Cincinnati

Chalk the Block

Cincinnati at Liberty Center

October 13, 2018

Last chalk event of the season was another Chalk the Block in Cincinnati at Liberty Center. It was actually not all the way to Cincinnati. Since we were already living in Dayton it was only 20 min away. What a difference from the weekend before it was about 40 degrees that morning!
I decided to do the Fisher Price toy design that I had planned for the week before. 
This week I had a deadline, because I needed to make it to my cousin Nelda's 80th birthday party that afternoon. So I got there early and was the first to finish.
My phone died halfway through the morning so I was unable to finish taking more process photos. My new camera also died. I still need to figure out how to use that camera!
I was able to finish up early and we did make it to Nelda's party.

 Here is the finished product...

Here is how it came about...
                                                                   Ready to begin!

 The sketch

 Coloring in the sketch

 More color

Looking good. Need to work on the details yet.

 All finished! The first one finished.

 Look pretty good!

All finished. Time for lunch and then off to my cousin's Nelda's 80th birthday party. Stopped to buy Nelda a Birthday Bear at Build a Bear with the gift card that I got for doing my chalk art. We arrived at her party just in time to visit a little and help with clean up! She was so happy to see us, because I had told her that we wouldn't be able to make it. But we did!

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