Saturday, October 28, 2017

Light the Night 2017

Light the Night

Lukemia and Lumphoma Society Event

Friday October 27, 2017

I worked with 3 other artists to complete 4 chalk art pieces for this event. It was an exciting day of working with other talented artists: Sheryl, Jan, and Hilary. The artwork was to be in four spaces on either side of a huge blown up arch.
We arrived at 10am and waited and waited for the Arch to arrive. When it finally arrived at about 11:30 and they tried to put it up, it was so windy that they couldn't keep the arch in place. So we just measured it and then they took it down until later. It wasn't until about 12:00 that we got started. Then it took us about an hour to tape and grid the artwork, so it wasn't until about 1:00 when we actually started chalking!
We split the work up. Jan and Hillary did the lettering and Sheryl and I did the images. We worked well together. It was so windy! We were constantly chasing our supplies and the chalk kept blowing off as soon as we put it down. But we got all four artworks done just in time for the start of the event to start at 5pm! What a day! 
It was really great to work with the other artists! I learned so much from all of them! Even though it was stressful, we stayed in good spirits throughout and had a great result in the end!

 Our group Hilary, Jan, Sheryl and Me before we began!

 Taped, gridded and ready to go!

  The beginning of my first artwork with Hilary working in the background.

My first artwork finished, but the chalk is blowing really badly in the wind!

 Jan and Sheryl working on their first artwork.

 My second artwork finished.

 Hillary working on lettering to go with my second artwork with Sheryl's artwork in the forground.

 Sheryl working on her second artwork.

 Jan finishing the lettering on the top of our artwork.

 Hilary finishing the lettering on the bottom of our artwork.

 Jan finishing the lettering on the top of our artwork.

 Finishing touches!

 Sheryl & Jan's Finished Piece 

 Jan and Ginny's finished piece.

 Hilary and Ginny's finished piece.

 Jan and Sheryl's finished piece.
 With my artworks!

 The gang: Ginny, Sheryl, Jan and Hilary
 The gang: Sheryl, Jan, Ginny and Hilary
 Here they are putting up the arch and stepping on our artwork, I might add!
 It looked great when it was finished!
 One last picture on my way home!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Chalk the Block Easton 2017

Chalk the Block Easton 2017

Sept. 30, 2017

This chalk event at Easton Town Center is the best in the area. I began doing chalk art last year with this event and I'm finishing up this year with the event. Last year I had just one chalk event under my belt and now I have 6 large events and at least 3 smaller events too. 
Not sure exactly why, but Easton seems to be one of the best venues for chalk art. Its the best location because located on north to south streets so you get the shadows from the buildings almost all day and the surface also seems to accept the chalk very well. Its also at a cooler time of the year!
The theme for the event this year was "Icons." I knew that most artists would do portraits. But I don't do portraits, so I had to come up with another idea. My husband suggested a car, so I decided to do an iconic car: the VW Beetle. It turned out that I was one of few artists to not do a portrait. My VW Beetle was very popular! I heard several people walking by saying "slug bug!" 
The drawing went very well and I was finished with the base of the drawing about 2:00 and then finished the flowers around the outside to be all finished about 4:00-4:30. The drawing looked pretty good! Seemed like everyone loved it! When I was all finished and we were taking pictures, it made me feel so good to see someone posing for a picture right in front of my Beetle!

 In the beginning...just pavement!

 All ready to go! All taped off.

 Beginning Sketch.
 Step 1: Sketch
 Step 2: Sketch w/color
 Step 3: More color

 Step 4: More base color
  Step 5: Base finished!
Step 6: Base with flower sketches
 Step 7: Begin flower color
Step 8: Flowers finished
 Step 9: Begin flower background

 Step 10: Flower background finished

All finished!

My best chalk art yet!