Monday, August 15, 2022

Vandalia Artful Adventure Day

 Vandalia Artful Adventure Day

Wasn't sure what to expect for this day of chalk art. It was going to be a day for kids to come a do art. I suggested that I could do an outline for kids to color in with chalk. I decided to use tempera instead of chalk for the outline so it would last longer. I wasn't sure what type of surface to expect so I brought both white and black tempera. If the surface was blacktop I would use white, but if it was sidewalk I would use black. It turned out to be sidewalk so I decided to use black. 

I arrived early. The event was to start at 11 so I got there about 9:30. I was finished with my design by the time the event started. I was barely finished and I had kids waiting to color in the lines! By the time I left about 12:30 much of it was colored. 

Great day! Not too hot. I will be going back to Vandalia in October! Trying to decide what to do then!

This is my workspace.


Kids couldn't wait to get started!

A mom taking a video of her son working with the chalk!

They did a great job coloring in my artwork!


Monday, June 6, 2022

May Family Fun Day

May Family Fun Day in Washington Township

May 14, 2021

I was asked to do some chalk art for the Family Fun Day at the Washington Township Rec Plex. Since I'm now an employee I had to clock in at the beginning of the day and clock out at the end of the day. I decided that the simplest thing to do was the logo for the event. The other thing is that I had to have them purchase all my supplies for me. I couldn't bring anything of my own.
I thought I should paint part of it to make it a little more permanent. I'm not sure that it was necessary. I started by painting the outlines and then filling in with chalk. I was able to finish my chalk art in the morning, particularly since I had another staff member helping me. After this all I had to do was sit and watch for the rest of the day!
We had a chalking area for everyone around my chalk design. My plan was to have cut outs of the figures at the bottom of the logo for people to trace and fill in. Most people decided to do their own designs. But that was OK and made for a lot of nice chalk art in the parking lot around me.
Unfortunately the event wasn't well attended, but those who did attend had a great time! 
It did rain later that evening and by the next day all that was left was the painted portion of the design. This part stayed there for weeks and weeks afterward.