Friday, November 5, 2021

Halloween 2021

 Halloween 2021

My final chalk art design for the year is usually Halloween. This year it rained right up to the day of Trick or Treat. I knew I wouldn't have very much time to complete my design, so I decided to do something simple. I was going to just do the words "Trick or Treat" up the side of the drive way. I was finished with this in about 15 minutes, so I decided to do more. I thought about a pumpkin, but I didn't want to do the same thing as last year. I thought about a black cat. I settled on a haunted house. This is one of the few times that I've done a design off the top of my head, with no design ahead of time. I sketched it out in white chalk first and then dug in. It took me about an hour to complete, or maybe a little more after adding all the details. I was so limited on time that I forgot to take process pictures this time. I didn't do a background which saved some time too. It came out pretty good if I don't say so myself. I think that it was popular with the neighborhood kids and with my grand kids too.

It was difficult to get a picture of both of the chalk designs.

My grandson is telling us about the colors

My Grand kids all ready for Trick or Treat!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Chalk the Block Easton 2021

Chalk the Block Easton 2021

This is my final design...
 This is the event that local chalk artists look forward to the whole year and it is usually the last event of the season for us. I had a hard time thinking of a theme for this year, until I settled on Alice in Wonderland. At first I was going to do a door, but when I started looking at images on line and a mushroom garden seemed like a better idea. I remembered a garden gate that I photographed this past year at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. And I based my drawing on this gate and went from there.

Below are both of my sketches for the design.

 It was a great day for doing chalk art. It was warmer than usual for the time of year. I had been chosen to do an upright chalk board again this year. It went very well and progressed just as I had planned. I sketched in the upright columns first, actually using a ruler, and then went from there. I finished just before the rain came. I even had some visitors and a helper during the day! Unfortunately I didn't get very many process pictures this time, because it was so bright that I couldn't see my camera screen very well. I also didn't get too many finished product pictures before it began to rain.

Here is my beginning sketch

                                     My husband Doug is off for his bike ride while I work.

                                                          Starting the mushrooms..

      Mushrooms in place!

Starting on Alice and the rabbit...

  Coming back from lunch, it was fun to see my picture from across the looked pretty good!

                                Looking pretty good! almost finished, just needing a few tweaks!

                                                Just before the gate went into place.


                                                          Sketched in the gate..

   My little helper arrives!

                                                  My granddaughter Lyric helped me a lot!

                                                      She put spots on the mushrooms...
                                                  She also added light green grass too...
                                                             And bricks to the walkway...
                                                       Here we are working together

                                                                           Snack break!

                                                         She looked the part when she was finished!

                       So glad to have my son Aaron and my granddaughter Lyric come see me!
                                             All finished Just before it started raining!

                                                                   All finished!

Here comes the rain!         
Then more rain came...😢
                                                    It was looking pretty good for so long then....
                                                       The rain finally got to it....