Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Halloween 2022

 Halloween 2022: October 31, 2022

It was predicting rain and I kept trying to decide if I should do chalk art for Trick or Treat this year or not. Middle of the afternoon I checked and it said that there was no rain predicted until 7pm that evening. So I decided to go ahead with it. I did something simple without even doing a design ahead of time. I finished in a little over an hour. It looked threatening, but the weather report still said no rain until 7pm. I cleaned up and went inside to get something else done. I didn't even realize that it had rained until I checked design was ruined. Wish I would have covered it!!! Oh well I will just do the same thing again next year!
 Here's the final product...before the rain!
I got the idea from my grandson's Halloween costume


Working on it...
All finished!

After the rain...

Monday, October 31, 2022

Chalk the Block Easton 2022

 Chalk the Block Easton Oct. 1, 2022

I almost didn't get to do it because I was put on a waiting list. But I did get in after all! When I asked about it he said that they like to give new comers a chance. There were over 70 entries for 40 spaces this year.

It was a beautiful day for chalk art! We spent the night in Westerville, so I was able to get there really early and started before very many people were there. So I got finished very early.

I started with a different idea...I was thinking about doing a fire breathing dragon. But then I found an interesting photo that I rediscovered. I thought that I would be perfect since I was just starting my coloring book with Wapakoneta (the home of Neil Armstrong). Then I did my own version of the photo.

I finished quickly. There is lots of white in this design! I decided to push through and eat a late lunch when I got finished! Good thing too, because it started to rain a little bit. But fortunately the big rain stayed away. Better than last year!

The finished product.

 My design

Ready to get started...

This guy with a NASA sweatshirt just happened to walk by!

Look pretty good!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Vandalia Artful Adventure Day

 Vandalia Artful Adventure Day

Wasn't sure what to expect for this day of chalk art. It was going to be a day for kids to come a do art. I suggested that I could do an outline for kids to color in with chalk. I decided to use tempera instead of chalk for the outline so it would last longer. I wasn't sure what type of surface to expect so I brought both white and black tempera. If the surface was blacktop I would use white, but if it was sidewalk I would use black. It turned out to be sidewalk so I decided to use black. 

I arrived early. The event was to start at 11 so I got there about 9:30. I was finished with my design by the time the event started. I was barely finished and I had kids waiting to color in the lines! By the time I left about 12:30 much of it was colored. 

Great day! Not too hot. I will be going back to Vandalia in October! Trying to decide what to do then!

This is my workspace.


Kids couldn't wait to get started!

A mom taking a video of her son working with the chalk!

They did a great job coloring in my artwork!