Saturday, May 13, 2017


Great News!

In February 2017, I received my fourth Greater Columbus Arts Council Community Artist Supply Grant in 5 years! 

The grant was for $500 and I am going to use half of this money for chalk for my chalk art this summer! 

Thanks so much to the Greater Columbus Arts Council for continuing to support my artistic efforts!

More Chalk Art posts to come this spring and summer!

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

I decided to practice my chalk art skills at Halloween at the end of Oct. 2016. I did my next chalk art in my driveway for Trick-or Treat. Everyone loved it and parents took lots of picture of their kids in their costumes with it. It was a quick one. I did it in 2 hours, but it look good. It stayed on my driveway for through the end of the year!
 The beginning
 All finished!

 Looked pretty good!
 Neighbor kids in their costumes with my artwork!
A pumpkin with my pumpkin!
My pumpkin stayed in my driveway through the end of the year!
 Almost gone....

Chalk the Block

Chalk the Block at Easton

My second chalk art was at Chalk the Block at Easton in Columbus, Ohio Sept. 2016

When I finished my first chalk art I was exhausted, but fired up to do another one. When I got home I looked online for other chalk art competitions and discovered that their was one in Easton the very next weekend! I emailed them and got right in! This one went so much easier than the first! 

It all begins with a sketch on my art desk at home....
 Then a sketch on the pavement.
 Second layer...
 More layers
 Finished in 3 hours!
I was so proud of this. It worked out well!

My Chalk Art: Chalk the Ville 2016

Ginny's Chalk Art

Last year, in 2016, I started a new type of art: Chalk Art
I'm quickly discovering what an interesting type of art it is. It is demanding but rewarding. I did three chalk art works last year and I'm hoping to do more this year and in the future.

My very first Chalk Art at Rock the Ville in Westerville Ohio in Sept. 2016
 Step #1: the sketch
 Step #2: the beginning
 It rained off and on that day. We would take a break and cover out artwork up and then go back to it after the rain had stopped.
 I finally called it finished. I really wore out. The background wasn't finished, but I was finished.
 It came out pretty good and matched the sketch pretty well!
 Soon after the rain was there to stay.
It rained all evening and my artwork just melted away!