Monday, July 29, 2019

Ohio State Fair July 2019

Ohio State Fair 2019

Second chalk art of the 2019 season was the Ohio State Fair.
I decided to do a Wizard of OZ theme this year. This was kind of the theme for the Fair, because it was the 75th anniversary of the movie this year. 
I went through so many ideas, but finally fell on this view from Dorthy's window. I think it came out pretty good this year. I didn't win a prize, but that's the way it goes! I think the public enjoyed it, and that's what counts!
  It was such a hot day, but I survived! I stayed hydrated and went inside from time to time.


  I was working at the State Fair again this year. Here is the nice sign they made me for my activity.
 It was up to me to make a kids area for chalk too. Here it is in the morning. I did the Fair logo for kids to color.

Step 1: all taped out and my sketch begun.

 I chose space #1, because I was the first one there in the morning. I thought it would be nice to be on the end...big mistake. I had no break from the sun at all, it went down to the side of me, so I fried all afternoon. Next time I'm bringing my tent, I think that would have helped a lot!
 The sketch is finished! I'm already hot!

 Step 4
 Step 5
 Had someone take a picture of me at this point...does it look like I'm melting!
 First layer complete! Time to take a little break!

 Almost finished
 Opps! Spelling mistake! Thanks to my coworker, School teacher Lori for noticing my misspelling!
 Was able to fix it with no problem.
 Changed the lettering to white and can see the words better now.
 All finished! Took me about 3-4 hours. Sometimes when it gets so hot I just kind of give up on it before I melt all together! But it looked pretty good!

All finished at last! Notice my red face!


All finished! Can you pick out Dorothy's red shoes?

 This young man worked for quite awhile to color in all the letters that I made in the morning! Looks pretty good now!

The kids area got more chalk added!

 This is how it looked later in the day!

 This was the kids chalk area the next day! All the chalk was gone!

Look what passed in front of my car as I was leaving!

 My artwork was still looking good before judging on Saturday.

A little faded on Sunday, but can still see the image pretty good.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Cedar Point Sprots Force Parks July 2019

Sports Force Parks @ Cedar Point

July 5, 2019

I had a fantastic opportunity to chalk at the Sports Force Park @ Cedar Point last Friday July 5. 

The theme for our artwork was to be something about baseball. I knew that I wanted use the All American Professional Girls Baseball League in my artwork. I did some research and decide to use some pictures that I found of Dorothy Kamenshek one of the players of the league. I discovered that she was born the same year as my mother (1925) in Cincinnati Ohio and played for the league for 10 years and retired after an injury and went on to become a physical therapist. She died in 2010 in California. 

We started at 8:30 am that morning and worked through the day. I would have finished just after lunch, but it decided to rain! Then I had to fix my chalk art and didn't get finished until about 4. 

Except for the heat and the rain, it was hands down the best chalking experience that I've had and the best paid too! Not only did we get paid to do our chalk art, but we also received complementary tickets to both the Sports Force Park and Cedar Point as well as our hotel and food for the day of chalking. They also supplied tents to cover us from the sun and the rain. Hope they ask us to come again!

My chalk artwork came out great, even though I had to fix it up after the short rain storm that we had in the middle of the day.

  I did some research and found the logo for the league.

I decided to use Dorothy Kamenshek as my subject. 

The night before the event!

 I'm ready to begin!

 The Sketch: I ran out of room for all the words. It should say: "All American Girls Professional Baseball League" but I didn't have enough room so I shortened it to "All American Girls Baseball League. Hope no one noticed!
 Step one...
 Step two!
 Step 3
 Step 4
 Step 4
 Step 5
 Almost finished!
 It was almost finished when the storm clouds started to roll in. I took a picture just before we covered it.
 Ready for the rain!
 After the Rain. The cover did pretty good, except that some of the water pooled under the plastic

 Funny thing there was an imprint of my artwork on the plastic. I was thinking of keeping it but I wasn't sure what I would do with it!
 The artwork and the plastic after the rain!
 All finished after the rain fixes!

 All finished!
 Here is our chalking group for the day, minus one!

 Went back later that evening to take more pictures and it was still looking good!
 Had early entry passes for the next day at Cedar Point. It was great to miss some of crowds!
 We had a great (hot) day at Cedar Point!
 The perks of chalking!
 I received 2 five day passes to Cedar Point, but all we could do was one day. Especially after I did chalking the day before! The heat was the worst! But it was the best chalking experience yet!