Thursday, September 24, 2020

Introducing: Chalk Art Workshop

 Introducing: Chalk Art Workshop

Saturday Sept. 12 2020

Saturday, September 12

Join the DSA for a chalk mural workshop! Before the event day, you'll virtually meet artist, Ginny Baughman and learn about chalk murals in a pre-recorded video. Then on September 12 come out to the DSA's High Street Gallery and create one of your own outside and socially distant in St. Anne's Hill!  Each participant will have a 3'x3' section marked for them to work along with a Chalk Art Kit included in registration.


I was fortunate to be asked to do this workshop for the Dayton Society of Artists. 

I made two prerecorded videos for this workshop:

Then I showed up the day of the workshop and did a chalk art. We had a small group of attendees (about 7), but they made some nice artwork. It was threatening rain all week, but it didn't and we had a nice day for doing chalk art. Not too hot or cold!

 Here is my finished product!

This chalk art workshop began in my driveway with this small chalk design that I did for my videos.

Here I am in St Anne's Hill at the Dayton Society of  Artist ready to begin my chalk art for the day.


Lucky to have a nice shady spot!

My design and reference photos

Step one: Taping it off

Step two: The Sketch

Step three: Filling in the Green


Step four: Now the blue back ground and the flag.
Step 5: Wetting everything down to help it stick
Almost finished 
She has kind of an odd expression that I didn't plan for. But it makes you think, doesn't it?

All finished! 


Some of the "artists" who joined me!

My student artists lined up behind me....

Some nice artworks were created!

 I didn't get to see this one finished...she was taking her time and working so meticulously!

                    This is my Daughter in Law Patty Baughman who joined me and below is her artwork!

 Patty and her artwork.  I suggested that she put the 2020 in the TV....seemed to fit this year!

Here we are together with our artworks!

Last's supposed to rain tomorrow (Actually was supposed to rain today, but luckily it didn't!)





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