Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ohio State Fair

Ohio State Fair: July 2018

Finally getting around to posting pictures of my chalk art this summer at the Ohio State Fair. I decided to create a quilt this time. I got started at noon and finished about 4:00 that afternoon. We had the option to work into the next day, but fortunately I didn't need to. It really came out great when it was all finished.
Here is the finished product!
The following is how it came about...
 My sketch and my helper
 Let's begin!
 The blank pavement
 After it was taped off.

 Step one

 Step two
 Step 3
 Took a break in the afternoon and treated myself to a wonderful cream puff!
 Getting down to the end!
 I had someone take a picture of me just before I finished. Unfortunately my phone died right afterward! So I had to come by the next day to get some good pictures of the final product.
 All finished! These pictures were taken the next day. Still looked great!


 After the rain the next week. It stayed on the pavement for a good long time!