Thursday, April 23, 2020

Virtual Earth Day Chalk Festival

Virtual Earth Day Chalk Festival
April 22, 2020
In the middle of the shutdown for the pandemic, artists coordinated an online Chalk Art Festival for Earth Day. I watched over the weeks leading up to Earth Day as many of my artist friends did artwork in their driveways. I debated about getting out to do artwork in my driveway, because it had been so windy and rainy. Earth Day itself turned out to be just great! The day before had been very windy, but this day was just fine. I started about 10:30 in the morning and finished about 2:00pm with a break for lunch. About the time I finished it started to cloud up and I quickly covered up my artwork. But it didn't rain after all and I was able to uncover it later in the day.

 The Beginning!

 Step 1

 Step 2

 Step 3

 Step 4

 Step 5

 Almost finished, taking a break for lunch
 Decided to add a grassy baseline.

 All finished!

 Clouds were gathering so I had to cover it right away. 

Was able to uncover it later in the day. Recovered it that evening and it rained all day the next day!