Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Aug. 4, 2019

Too close for comfort!

Sunday 8/4/2019

I feel that I need to post something on this blog about the events of Saturday evening Aug. 3, 2019. 
As you know, from my previous post, I had spent just the night before (Friday evening Aug. 2) doing my chalk art in downtown Dayton for the Art in the City event. It was a lovely summer evening that night and so many people came out to see what "Art in the City" was all about. I saw so many families with kids. There were performances and art happenings all over the city for people to participate in. Music flowed through the air and people were happy and enjoying themselves. We were on the pavement in the middle of the crowd creating our chalk art right on the pavement.
I wake up on Sunday morning to discover that there had been a shooting not too far away from where we had been for the Art in the City event just the night before! It's scary to me to think how close we were to being in the middle of this shooting! The shooter was evidently looking to hurt lots of people. What made him chose Saturday night instead of the event on Friday night? He was only a few streets away from where we were and could have easily moved down to where we were instead! It's way too close for comfort for me! Something has to be done to stop this madness!

It was such a wonderful evening. So many people around enjoying themselves! It could have been shattered by tragedy so easily! Just like the next evening was!

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