Monday, July 29, 2019

Ohio State Fair July 2019

Ohio State Fair 2019

Second chalk art of the 2019 season was the Ohio State Fair.
I decided to do a Wizard of OZ theme this year. This was kind of the theme for the Fair, because it was the 75th anniversary of the movie this year. 
I went through so many ideas, but finally fell on this view from Dorthy's window. I think it came out pretty good this year. I didn't win a prize, but that's the way it goes! I think the public enjoyed it, and that's what counts!
  It was such a hot day, but I survived! I stayed hydrated and went inside from time to time.


  I was working at the State Fair again this year. Here is the nice sign they made me for my activity.
 It was up to me to make a kids area for chalk too. Here it is in the morning. I did the Fair logo for kids to color.

Step 1: all taped out and my sketch begun.

 I chose space #1, because I was the first one there in the morning. I thought it would be nice to be on the end...big mistake. I had no break from the sun at all, it went down to the side of me, so I fried all afternoon. Next time I'm bringing my tent, I think that would have helped a lot!
 The sketch is finished! I'm already hot!

 Step 4
 Step 5
 Had someone take a picture of me at this point...does it look like I'm melting!
 First layer complete! Time to take a little break!

 Almost finished
 Opps! Spelling mistake! Thanks to my coworker, School teacher Lori for noticing my misspelling!
 Was able to fix it with no problem.
 Changed the lettering to white and can see the words better now.
 All finished! Took me about 3-4 hours. Sometimes when it gets so hot I just kind of give up on it before I melt all together! But it looked pretty good!

All finished at last! Notice my red face!


All finished! Can you pick out Dorothy's red shoes?

 This young man worked for quite awhile to color in all the letters that I made in the morning! Looks pretty good now!

The kids area got more chalk added!

 This is how it looked later in the day!

 This was the kids chalk area the next day! All the chalk was gone!

Look what passed in front of my car as I was leaving!

 My artwork was still looking good before judging on Saturday.

A little faded on Sunday, but can still see the image pretty good.

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