Friday, October 19, 2018

Chalk Art for Healing

Chalk Art for Healing 

Trinity Church Englewood Chalk Event

Saturday October 6, 2018

I was contacted early in the summer by a friend of my son, Pastor Brian, who is a pastor at Trinity Church. His church is a "store front" church in Englewood. He said that their church was going to be doing a chalk event to raise money for Opioid abuse. He asked me if I would be interested in helping out with the event. I said that I would help out. 
Unfortunately I got so busy with moving that I had very little time to help. Fortunately the event was still organized without me. It ended up being mostly people from the church doing the chalk, with a lot of kids, doing the chalk art.
Since this event was for a Lutheran Church, I decided to create a picture of the Luther Rose in chalk.
Here is the finished product...
What follows is how it came about...
 Arriving at Trinity Church
 Pastor Brian and me before the event began.
 The surface was less than perfect. But I got the chance to choose the best spot.

 My design required me to draw a circle. Great big thanks to my husband for help drawing the circle.

 My design and info about me.

 My design is sketched out and I'm ready to begin!
 Step one
 Step 2

 Step 3
 Step 4

 Step 5
 Basic design finished. Now to do the black outline.

 With the black outline
 Added the words and then all finished!

 Looks pretty good. If I don't say so myself!


 The next day, Sunday, we decided to go to church at Trinity Church. Here we are with Pastor Brian
My chalk art still looks pretty good the next day too!

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