Monday, June 5, 2017

Chalk Art Residency: Coshocton

Chalk Art Residency: Cochocton

April 24 & 25 and May 3&4, 2017

I was thrilled to do a chalk art residency in Cochocton in April and May this year. I worked with students at River View Junior High, Ridgewood Middle School and Coshocton High School and it was coordinated by the Pomerene Center for Arts in Coschocton. 
We worked on paper on the floor and the murals that we created were to be hung in the shop windows in Coschocton. The kids were so excited and did a great job. I tried to show a variety of picture from all the schools here.

 River View Junior High

 Day 1 after the background was finished

 Day 2 after the Bicycles were added

Ridegwood Middle School

 Coshocton High School

 Article in the Local News!

 Chalk Murals in the windows of Coshocton

It was an exciting, although tiring couple of weeks! I think the result was fantastic!

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